Our Library Volunteers

I became a volunteer librarian because I believe the library to be an essential part of our community and I did not want to lose that vital resource. Libraries were established to give equal access to all for the development of literacy and I value that principle. We may have gone digital but that does not replace the delight of gaining free access to the world of books. As a library volunteer I hope to maintain that access for the local community for as long as possible.

I got involved with volunteering for the library when I heard it was going to close as I believe it to be an essential for all age groups in the community. In volunteering it is a pleasure to be able to meet, chat and help both adults and children and in doing so we can keep the library going.

I decided to volunteer because I have always loved books and reading and felt that it would be good to support continuing provision of library services so that others could benefit from access to books. After completing a few sessions I have learnt about the variety of titles other people read and become familiar with more authors than I knew before. It has been a pleasure to meet people I haven’t seen for years and to meet new people who have a common interest.

I became a volunteer at the library to give some of my spare time to assist in the ongoing operation of Denby Dale Library, to utilise my skills and make new friends. As a volunteer I have gained an insight into a complex library system which deals with lots more than just books, encouraged members of the public to use the new check-in machine, planned children’s activities and hosted the Rhyme Time for the 2-5 year olds. I have received lots of training about the library system and computing. I have really enjoyed my Wednesday afternoons there, had lots of help from Lynn, the Library Assistant, Kate and Linda and also made new friends with the other volunteers.